Friday, October 31, 2008

Teaching at Holden Village

A personal report: I'm teaching this week and next at Holden Village, the retreat center in Washington's Cascade Mountains -

I'll have several opportunities to teach on justice and peace for Palestine and Israel and lead a discussion on Sandy Toland's The Lemon Tree -

Last night, with the power out in this remote setting, I spoke by candlelight, telling the high school class and other listeners about some of the remarkable people I have come to know in the Holy Land. Monday I will zero in on some of the specifics of occupation and oppression: checkpoints, land confiscation, home demolition, settlements, and the Wall.

Later I'll do a session on Christian Zionism and one on media criticism, plus accompaniment and advocacy.

Please pray for my effectiveness here and for a good outcome to the U.S. election on Tuesday. I voted before leaving Texas.

Thanks, Ann Hafften


Ann Hafften said...

Nada Ronning wrote: How fun to picture you at the Village teaching...with the power out, no less! I'm sure you will be able to give new insight to them. We were just thinking yesterday that it is 2 yrs. since we left for Israel - Palestine and had a wonderful 12 days there. Wish we could go again -- we keep it in our minds. Nada

Ann Hafften said...

Mark Holman wrote: Good luck with your teaching, Ann. What a lovely spot you are in. While I have never been there, I have heard much and I look fwd to the day when I am there.