Friday, January 18, 2013

Sodastream boycott, Bab al-Shams, Petition against US Aid to Israel, and more

+ Sodastream will be advertising during the Superbowl. Let's begin to spread the word: Boycott Sodastream! Sodastream is manufactured in one of the settlements in the occupied West Bank.
Sodastream presents... How to profit from Occupation, Oppression and Apartheid. While this video is titled, "Sodastream presents..." it is not from Sodastream but comes from the organized boycott effort.

+ Bradley Burston writes in Ha'aretz, "The founding of Bab al-Shams was genius." His article is, An Israeli in awe of a Palestinian act of non-violence.

"On Friday, nearly a hundred men women and children pitched tents on a Palestinian-owned plot of land in the patch of the West Bank called E-1, a political and diplomatic minefield which Netanyahu has vowed to build on, and Washington has warned him not to. The place was given a new name - Bab al-Shams, the Gate of the Sun.
"The Palestinians who staked down the tents were explicit in calling their rocky hilltop encampment a village. But the manner of its founding made it all too clear to Israelis what it was as well - a ma'ahaz, a settlement outpost, no less and no more illegal than the scores and scores of rogue farms, tent camps, rude shacks and proto-suburbs which Israeli settlers have staked across the West Bank and East Jerusalem." [Read the whole blog/article at this link.]

+ Jewish Voice for Peace is backing up the stance of 15 US church leaders. Please sign and share this petition. "Israel, the biggest long-term recipient of US aid, should not be above the law. Mr. President, please condition US aid to Israel on compliance with US and international law. It must not be used to violate the rights of Palestinians." The goal is 60,000 signatures.

+ Budrus is a village that has carried out a successful non-violent resistance to the Separation Barrier. The movie, "Budrus," introduced me to the citizens of the village. Here's sad news from "Just Vision," the folks who made the movie.

"We have some heartbreaking news to share.
 "Earlier this morning, 16-year-old Sameer Awwad, a resident of Budrus, was killed by the Israeli military near the Separation Barrier in the village. He was shot with live ammunition several times in the leg, neck and chest.
"Over the past few years, as we've grown close to many of the residents of Budrus and shared their stories with you, we have been struck by how close-knit their community is. That solidarity was a huge part of the success of their nonviolent struggle several years ago, and today, we know it means that the entire village is staggered by this terrible news."
 Our condolences go out to Sameer's family and to the people of Budrus. We hope that the strength and resilience that have guided them through difficult times in the past will help them overcome this tragedy.

5 Broken Cameras is nominated for an Academy Award in the documentary catagory. I'll be watching and hoping for a win on Oscars night. More importantly, I'm encouraging everyone to try to see this film and share info about it.

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