Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Palestine/Israel: 2 Peoples, 3 Faiths

The April edition of Response magazine, the periodical of United Methodist Women, is entirely devoted to "Palestine/Israel: 2 Peoples, 3 Faiths." An article I wrote on Christian Zionisim is featured along with a resource list.

This publication is packed with information; it is focused and clear and rich in resource ideas. The contents are not on the web. Single copies are available for $2.50. Go to or call 800-305-9857. You can also write to the Mission Resource Center, 21 Profit Drive, Dallas, TX 75247.

The magazine supports the 2007-2009 mission study of United Methodist Women which is dedicated to Palestine and Israel. That study is available for $8.50. I have not reviewed the study, but it looks like a great addition to bibliographies.

Another new resource from Churches for Middle East Peace - - is interesting and helpful. CMEP offers the Congressional Record of Support for Israeli-Palestinian Peacemaking (

Ann Hafften

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