Friday, August 3, 2007

"Enough," by Jonathan Kuttab

Cornerstone is the publication of Sabeel, the ecumenical liberation theology center in Jerusalem. "Enough," by Jonathan Kuttab, is the cover story in the current edition of Cornerstone.

Kuttab is a Jerusalem-based Palestinian human rights lawyer and peace activist, and a member of Sabeel's board. He writes:

"In June, we [marked] 40 years to the beginning of the Occupation. To Palestinian Christians, forty is a significant number. It reminds us of the days of Jesus' fasting in the Wilderness, before he was tempted on the Mount of Temptation in Jericho. This event resonates deeply with us at Sabeel as we try to make our faith relevant to the situation under which we live. Like Christians throughout the ages, we look to our scriptures for guidance, solace, and strength to cope with our present situation. Thank God, we do find it there."

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