Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Short Walk Home - Long Walk to Freedom

It is being reported that the demonatrations at the Gaza border are related to the US Embassy moving to Jerusalem. Here's the real background:
Every year on March 30, Palestinians commemorate the events of Land Day, when the Israeli government killed six unarmed Palestinians who were protesting the state’s expropriation of land in Galilee.

On Land Day 2018, Palestinians in the Gaza Strip initiated the Great Return March, a recurring demonstration at the barrier between Gaza and Israel.

More than 40 Palestinians have been killed by Israel during these demonstrations. A majority of those were refugees, displaced from their homes during the 1948 Nakba - the expulsion of 700,000 Palestinians from territory which became Israel. This poster highlights their villages of origin. 

In contravention of international law, Israel has consistently refused to allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in present-day Israel, because their presence there could challenge the state’s Jewish demographic majority. Quite simply, according to Israel, they are from the wrong ethnic group.

In fact, due to Israel’s devastating blockade, Palestinians in Gaza cannot even leave the densely populated coastal enclave, except in rare cases with Israeli permission.

Great Return March demonstrators are calling for Israel to allow Palestinian refugees to return to
their villages of origin, and to end the blockade. The demonstrations are slated to continue until May 15 - the day on which Palestinians commemorate the 1948 Nakba.

[Thanks to Visualizing Palestine for this graphic. Here's their website:]

Windows into Palestine - May 17-19

If you're in the Twin Cities area, don't miss Windows into Palestine - A Festival of Palestinian Art & Culture

There's so much offered... exhibition of visual art by Palestinian artists, musical performances and workshops, film: shorts and feature length (discussions follow each film); Palestinian cuisine, including demonstrations and samples from renowned chefs; Authentic Spice & Craft Market

Westminster Presbyterian Church
1200 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, Minn.

See the website for more info - click here.  


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