Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cave strives to help Bethlehem artists and preserve traditional crafts

The Cave announces new gift ideas from Palestine. Click here for the new Easter Collection.

The signature Olive Leaf jewelry collection is inspired by the thousand-year old groves that symbolize abundance, steadfastness and rootedness in our land.

The hand-made stained glass ornaments are crafted by our artisans from glass bottles and broken windowpanes. The broken glass pieces are symbols of brokenness in our world, and in assembling them into work of art we recall God’s saving grace, transforming what seems to be hopeless and worthless into a beautiful and whole creation.

The Cave Arts & Crafts Center strives to help local artists and preserve traditional arts and crafts by offering courses, improving access to materials and equipment, and providing a market for the sale of art items. Since so many of the artists are women, there is an added benefit of helping women to have some financial independence, which is a rare thing in a patriarchal society such as Palestine’s. Many women artists also feel a boost in their self-confidence from their work – they enjoy expressing themselves and creating beautiful objects for others to enjoy, and they also feel like they have more control over their lives when they are productive and earning an income. In this way, they are creating a better future for themselves through their work, and elevating the status of women and artists in Palestinian society.

For more about Palestinian women and handcrafts, see this link:

At The Cave, our Palestinian women make handicrafts for different occasions: Easter Decorations, Church Textiles, Spring Ornaments, Baptism and confirmation gifts, Mother’s Jewelry, Graduation presents, and more….

Please check our website at and choose your desired gift to help a student or family in Bethlehem, Palestine.

The Al-Kahf Arts & Crafts Center (and The Cave gift shop) aims to revive the local community’s sense of beauty, strengthen Palestinian cultural identity, and cultivate local artistic talent. The Cave is part of the Diyar Consortium, Bethlehem, Lutheran based, ecumenically oriented institutions serving the whole Palestinian community with an emphasis on children, youth, women & the elderly through unique programs that are contextual & holistic in nature.

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