Thursday, December 10, 2009

`Moment of Truth' document to be launched Dec. 11

Palestinian Christians will launch a document entitled "Moment of Truth" which articulates the striving of Palestinians, the international community, and the churches to end the unjust Israeli occupation.

Sabeel points to this event in its weekly "Wave of Prayer." Sabeel is the Palestinian Christian liberation movement []. Its call to prayer for this week notes a number of upcoming events involving internationals in the Holy Land.

Sabeel Wave of Prayer for Dec. 10.

The Palestine Israel Ecumenical Forum of the World Council of Churches will hold its meetings in Bethlehem this weekend. In conjunction, on Friday Palestinian Christians will launch a document entitled "Moment of Truth." The document clearly articulates the responsibility of local Palestinians, the international community, and the churches to act in cooperation to end the unjust Israeli occupation.

This Tuesday, European Union foreign ministers met in Brussels to discuss a proposal to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state and of Israel. We are thankful for the EU's recognition that the current situation in Jerusalem must change. We pray that a lasting peace built on justice will come to this city.

On Saturday, Sabeel young adults will visit the pediatric ward of the Lutherans’ Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mt. of Olives to spend time with children from throughout Palestine who are fighting cancer and undergoing dialysis. This holiday season, we offer special thanks for the people and organizations that cross borders and deal with complex permit restrictions in order to offer comfort and healing to the sick.

Last week, Muslim Jerusalemites held special Friday prayers in Sheikh Jarrah to demonstrate solidarity with the people of Sheikh Jarrah who are being forced from their homes by Israeli courts, the Jerusalem municipality, and Jewish settlers. Following prayers, Israeli peace activists held a march in front of the settlements. We pray that momentum for nonviolent resistance to the occupation will continue to grow, both in Palestine and Israel and around the world.

Each Thursday at noon in Jerusalem, Sabeel holds a Communion service that is open to the community. It is a time to join together to celebrate the Eucharist, to discuss how the scriptures apply to our lives today, and to pray for the specific needs of this region. Following the 2006 Sabeel International Conference, the Friends of Sabeel coordinators met and discussed the idea of "Waves of Prayer." The premise is that in their respective time zones, individuals and groups around the world will pray together at 12:00 on Thursdays, in solidarity with Sabeel in Jerusalem and with "Friends of Sabeel" worldwide. Starting in Australia, passing through Palestine, and on around the world we will pray for Peace with Justice and focus on specific issues each week.

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