Monday, October 26, 2009

Anna Baltzer and Mustafa Barghouti will appear on the Daily Show Wednesday

Tune to the Comedy Channel on Wednesday night when Anna Baltzer, Jewish-American lecturer and author, and Mustafa Barghouti, Palestinian social and political activist, will appear on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Oct. 28).

Here's the link to the Daily Show:

Baltzer is on the board of the Council for the National Interest (CNI) -

WASHINGTON, DC (October 27, 2009) -

Anna Baltzer, Jewish-American lecturer, author, and activist for Palestinian rights, will appear on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Wednesday, October 28th. The CNI Board Member and CNI: Jerusalem Calling host will be joined by Palestinian social and political activist Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, who finished second in the 2005 Palestinian presidential election

On her recent CNI: Jerusalem Calling broadcast, Baltzer was joined by former Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier Micha Kurz, who was co-founder of the IDF soldiers' truth-telling group Breaking the Silence. The two discussed the role of IDF soldiers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and reactions to regional issues concerning the peace process.

Listen to the archived podcast of their conversation by visiting:

Don't miss this Thursday's broadcast of CNI: Jerusalem Calling with Jeffrey Blankfort, hosted by Alison Weir from 12-1pm EST at

Jeffrey Blankfort was raised in a Jewish non-Zionist family. Blankfort produces radio programs on three stations and has written extensively on the Middle East. He was formerly the editor of the Middle East Labor Bulletin and co-founder of the Labor Committee of the Middle East.

In February 2002, Blankfort won a lawsuit against the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which was found to have had a vast spying operation directed against American citizens opposed to Israel's policies in the Occupied West Bank and Gaza, and the apartheid policies of the government of South Africa. Host Alison Weir is the head of "If Americans Knew", and a member of CNI's Board.

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