Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ELCA Churchwide Assembly underway in Minneapolis this week

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is meeting in assembly at Minneapolis this week. See all the business at this link:

There is a recommendation scheduled for action which affirms the church's commitment to its Peace Not Walls campaign. Peace Not Walls:

A number of synods put forth "memorials" that can be found at this link:

This is the Recommendation for Assembly Action:

To receive the memorials of the Eastern Washington-Idaho, Southwestern Texas, Indiana-Kentucky, New England, Northeastern Pennsylvania, Lower Susquehanna,and Metropolitan Washington, D.C., synods related to the ELCA strategy, “Peace Not Walls: Stand for Justice in the Holy Land”;

To reaffirm the commitment of this church to:

1. Continue its awareness-building, accompaniment,and advocacy on behalf of a peaceful resolution ofthe conflict between Israel and Palestine;

2. Learn more about the experiences of both Israelis and Palestinians and their mutual fears, aspirations, and hopes;

3. Work to convey the concerns and perspectives of Palestinians and Israelis that dispel stereotypes and caricatures and promote better understanding;

4. Lift up the voices within both communities, especially those of victims of violence, that seek peace with justice through nonviolent responses to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict;

5. Continue to help alleviate the humanitarian needs of all of those affected by the conflict, especially in Gaza;

6. Support U.S. funding that promotes peace and cooperation for all parties to the conflict; and

7. Continue to pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land and for the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

There may be substitute motions put forth from the floor, but I am not aware of their language or the timing of such an effort. I invite anyone who has more information that I do to post their comments here. Thanks.

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