Thursday, January 1, 2009

Obama's team: Open for Questions

The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs [] shared this message from the Obama-Biden Transition Team. It looks like a real opportunity to make a case for intense efforts toward peace in Palestine and Israel.

Transition Team -

Open for Questions: Round two

During this brief transition period, we’ve rolled out important new tools to let users interact with our team in a transparent and meaningful way.

Our first run of Open for Questions was one such feature, with nearly 1,000,000 votes cast on questions from the community.

In this round, you can still view all of the questions that have been submitted—or you can break down the questions by category for easier navigation. For instance, you can read the top-ranking question regarding Energy and the Environment and browse through other questions on the same topic by clicking on that issue.

We think this change is valuable. It serves the other key purpose of features like Open for Questions: making your input easy to pass on to the members of our Transition team that are crafting solutions to these vital issues right now.

Check out the Open for Questions feature here -
We’ll close this round of questions and put together our responses in the new year.

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