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News from Bright Stars of Bethlehem

News from Bright Stars of Bethlehem - http://www.brightstarsbethlehem.org/

Bright Stars Summer Academy

"Fulfill Your Dreams" ("Khale Helmak Iyser Hakeka" in Arabic) is the theme for this year's Bright Stars Summer Academy, run by the International Center of Bethlehem through the Dar al-Kalima School and the Dar Al-Kalima Health & Wellness Center.

Between 250 and 300 girls and boys, ages 6-16, are expected to participate in clubs and activities during the 4 weeks of the Summer Academy, which runs from June 23rd - July 19th. The Academy meets from 8:30-12:30, five days a week, with day-trips around the Bethlehem area on Thursdays.

Kids ages 6-8 participate in selected activities like swimming, painting, handcrafts, drama, games, sports, computers and storytelling.

Older kids and youth, ages 9-16, choose the clubs they join, according to their talents and interests. This year, the clubs being offered are:

Sports: volleyball, basketball, swimming, table tennis, soccer, karate, unicycling

Arts & Crafts: painting, handcrafts, filmmaking, computer and graphic design, animation, puppet-making

Fine Arts: creative writing, music (flute), drama, Latin dance

Participants pay a modest fee (about $40) to enroll their children in the Academy, but this only covers about a quarter of the actual program cost. The rest is subsidized by donations and the BSB Scholarship Fund.

Scholarships for Bright Stars

The Bright Stars Program for Children & Youth runs year-round, providing opportunities for young people to pursue their interests and hone their talents, under the guidance of local professionals and visiting experts. During the academic year, students are involved in the Bright Stars and Extra-Curricular Program (ECP) clubs, and have the option of attending the Bright Stars Summer Academy in June and July. This year 628 children participated in these programs. Hundreds of applications are received each year from parents who want their children to have the opportunity to explore their creative abilities, but due to limits on space and funding, many bright children are turned away.

You can help the Bright Stars Program keep program costs affordable while expanding its capacity to include more eager, talented young people in its academic-year programming! The Bright Stars of Bethlehem Scholarship Fund offers you a way to make a personal connection with the people of Bethlehem by matching you with a Bright Stars student. As a scholarship provider, giving $30 a month, you will create a place for a child in this wonderful program. You will also receive a short biography and photo of your student, and updates on them twice a year.

Please click here now for more information on this important outreach ministry and how to help make a bright star shine brighter!

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