Friday, May 23, 2008

Alternative Holy Land Travel Opportunities

Alternative Holy Land Travel Opportunities


Encouraging visitors to the Holy Land is a top priority for Friends of Sabeel - North America (FOSNA). Alternative travel provides an added benefit by connecting pilgrims the "Living Stones" of Palestine who live under an oppressive occupation. Visit the holy Christian sites, worship in ancient Palestinian churches, walk where Jesus walked, and bear witness to the realities of occupation - military checkpoints, refugee camps, Israel's Apartheid Wall, bypass roads, illegal settlements and more.

This Alternative Travel page is a service of Friends of Sabeel-North America. If you know of other trips coming up, please send details to:

For complete listing of Alternative Holy Land Travel Opportunities:

Friends of Sabeel--North America
PO Box 9186, Portland, Oregon 97207 USA
(503) 653-6625

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