Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gaza reports and articles

There is so much news circulating about the increasingly hideous situation in Gaza, I struggle to keep up. I'll dedicate this post to a list of just a few of the published articles and reports I've seen lately:

November 6, 2007
Fanfare and Phoniness
Punishing Gaza

October 30, 2007
EU envoy warns Israelis not to inflict 'collective punishment' on Palestinians
Compiled by Daily Star staff

From Btselem report
October 2007
Gazan cancer patient dies after being delayed entry into Israel for 10 days

OCHA link to the latest Humanitarian Situation on Gaza 1
31 Oct. 2007
Humanitarian Situation Report 01-31 October 2007 Karni crossing, the main crossing for commercial goods, remains closed since 13 June. On 28 October,Israel announced the permanent closure of Sufa crossing. Kerem Shalom is now the only crossing open for the movement of goods into the Gaza Strip. Rafah crossing remains closed. The amount of goods entering Gaza has decreased by 71% since before the Karni closure, from an average of 253 truckloads per day in April to an average of 74 in October.

Amira Hass writing in Haaretz
Nov. 11
A moment before the lights go out

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