Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Khei-meh Community Ecumenical Centre opens in Amman

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The October picture calendar from the Evengelcial Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land celebrates the new Al Khei-meh community Ecumenical Centre in Amman. Download it from the website:

More than 450 community and religious leaders from Amman, Jordan, and elsewhere gathered in September for the opening of Al Khei-meh (the Tent), a new Community Ecumenical Centre designed to serve social, cultural, spiritual and recreational needs of the community.

According to the Rev. Samer Azar, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and initiator of the center, Al Khei-meh is designed to be complementary to current activities of the local Ecumenical Churches, which, like the new center, serve people regardless of religious affiliation or denomination. Pastor Azar hopes to promote common values among the different Christian denominations and between Muslims and Christians.

ELCJHL Bishop Munib Younan helped to dedicate the center, and Anglican Bishop Suheil Dawani also attended. At the opening, Bishop Younan said:
"Al-Khei-meh (the Tent) is the place where God is present with his people. We hope that every Christian, Muslim or Jew who enters this place will experience God's presence."

Join us in prayer: Gracious God who dwells in all people, bless this new center and fill it with creativity, inspiration, joy and community. Guide and direct its leaders and people that they may use this as a place for all to come and feel the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, Amen."

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