Sunday, June 3, 2007

Christian Zionism featured in the "Journal of Lutheran Ethics"

The on-line "Journal of Lutheran Ethics" dedicated its May 2007 edition to discussion of Christian Zionism.

Find the entire publication at this link:

From the introduction: "In our time, when the Israeli/Palestinian conflict occupies such a prominent place in our political discourse, the topic of Christian Zionism has become a critical matter for theological and ethical deliberation. In this issue, the Journal of Lutheran Ethics is pleased to provide a contribution to this important discussion."

The contents:
Edward Schneider:
Introduction to Christian Zionism Issue
Robert O. Smith:
Jewish- Christian Difficulties in Challenging Christian Zionism
JoAnn G. Magnuson:
Christian Zionism
Bishop Munib Younan:
An Ethical Critique of Christian Zionism
John Hubers:
Palestinians, Christian Zionists and the Good News Gospel
Peter A. Pettit:
Christian Zionism from a Perspective of Jewish-Christian Relations

The Journal of Lutheran Ethics is a publication of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America's Church in Society unit:

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