Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Alternative Holy Land Tours

Alternative Travel Announcements

Travel opportunities are posted on the web site of Friends of Sabeel - North America:
When you visit, just click on "conferences and trips" for an updated list of alternative travel opportunities in the Holy Land. Trips listed include:

INTERFAITH PEACE-BUILDERS, March 17 - 31, 2007; May 26 - June 9, 2007; July 28 - August 11, 2007; November 3-17, 2007. Contact Interfaith Peace-Builders by e-mail at

January 9 - 22, 2007. Visit the web site -

GROUP TRAVEL DIRECTORS - Eight Holy Land group visits by US church groups in the first half of 2007. For details on Group Travel tours go to, click "Find a Tour," enter "2007," then"Middle East."
Jan. 6-22, "The World of the Bible," sponsored by Lutheran School of Theology Chicago
Jan. 22-Feb. 3, "Study Tour in the Holy Land," United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio
Feb. 26-March 9, "Faith and Witness in the Holy Land," sponsored by Lutheran World Relief
Feb. 26-March 9, "The Holy Land," Messiah Lutheran Church,
Marquette Mich.
March 7-19, "Pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Egypt," Kinsmen Lutheran Church, Houston

PILGRIMS OF HOPE: A Study and Solidarity Tour with the Holy Land's Living Stones - June 11-24, 2007 - let by Lutheran Pastor Robert O. Smith of University of Chicago and Middle East scholar Dr. Michael Spath. Smith is co-author of Christians and a Land Called Holy. For more information contact Dr. Spath:

BIRTHRIGHT UNPLUGGED offers opportunities for people to gain knowledge through first-hand experiences and to use that knowledge to make positive change in the world.
Winter 2007 Unplugged trip dates (for international passport holders):
January 5-10, 2007 and February 5-10, 2007. For detailed information:

THE SOCIETY FOR BIBLICAL STUDIES offers an extensive list of tours. For details go to the website:
- In the Steps of Jesus: Then and Now, departs 2 January 2007
- The Holy Land, the Holy People, departs 8 January 2007
- Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary Cross Cultural & Mission Studies, departs 8 January 2007
- Biblical Survey and Leadershuip Formation Seminar, 31 January 2007
- The Holy Land, the Holy People, departs 11 February 2007
- Holy Land Exploratory and Introductory Program, departs 25 February 2007 (limited enrollment, participants must qualify)
- The Holy Land, the Holy People, departs 3 March 2007
- The Holy Land, the Holy People, departs 10 April 2007
- The Exodus Experience, departs 10 April 2007
- Biblical Survey: The Holy Land, the Holy People, 23 April 2007
- Holy Land Pilgrimage, departs 9 June 2007
- The Exodus Experience, departs 7 November 2007

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